One time when I was trying to spread awareness online, I logged in to MIRC.  I posted messages inviting them to have themselves tested for HIV and also to visit my blog.  My ad goes, “<<<———- …. have you already been tested for HIV? take the test now!” and there from a normal hit of 4-10 a day, that day, it reached 257! whoa! And I’m really glad about the response I’m getting.  There were also people who IM’s me and tells me that what I’m doing is a very brave act, that they salute me for spreading awareness online and it really flatters me.

There were quite a number of people who messaged me and inquired about how to know if you have HIV, where can they get tested, what is life after finding out being a pozzie, how much is HIV testing or is it for free and etc…Then one “chatter” really got my attention.  At first he asked which treatment hub I was enrolled in.  I told him I am being treated in the SAGIP clinic of PGH.  He then said that he is a nurse and is a volunteer in RITM.  He was trying to convince me to transfer to RITM since the treatment process and the staff is better according to him.  It got me thinking.  How is it different, I mean, in all fairness to Nurse A and Dr. D, despite their very late reply with my texts they are all nice and very pleasant.  He continued telling me stories about RITM, that it doesn’t give you a “hospital feeling” but more of a homey feeling… like your with your family.

After our conversation, I can’t help but think if I am in the right treatment hub.  Most of my pozzie friends and the pozzie bloggers are all enrolled to RITM.  And every time I read their posts about their visit to RITM, it always seems like it is a wonderful trip… I’m really curious now…  but if I will transfer, what would Dr. D feel?  I don’t even know how to go to RITM… I don’t know if it is even possible to transfer since I already said that I want my treatment to be in PGH when Dr. D asked me the first time… haaay…

What do you think?



8 Responses to “SAGIP or RITM?”

  1. Lightbolt Says:

    Maybe you can drop a visit first and observe. You would be working with Nurse A and Dr. D for a long time? RITM is in Alabang.

  2. hmmm… yeah, but I don’t know how to go there… and is it possible for me to still transfer when I have all my lab exams done at SAGIP?

  3. Hey JunJun!

    SACCL! Join me there! hehe. It’s nearer than RITM!

    • ei, I know RITM is quite far but actually I’m after the “homey feeling” and the privacy… I read other blog posts comparing RITM to SAGIP or SACCL/H4 pavilion of SLH and I was convinced to move to RITM. I was also informed about the free CD4 testing unlike in SAGIP where I have to pay for the 2nd CD4 count test. I haven’t really talked to my doctor yet, but I will definitely… if I really got shy, then I’ll just start all over again in RITM. lol.

      Kaw na lang join sakin, sabay tayo! road trip pa! oh…. hahahaha

  4. who has tried moving from one hub to another? i’m presently at SACCL/H4… not a pleasant experience actually. just starting out. is it difficult to transfer. do they really frown on this?

    • I don’t personally know anyone who switched hubs but I heard that this scenario is already common… I think as long as we explain our reason why we are transferring, I don’t think that they will make a big deal out of it… besides they are professionals…

  5. livingwithhiv Says:

    i also get my meds from SAGIP. 🙂 ok naman ang mga nurse at doctors. well, ikaw. wala rin naman akong idea kung anong meron sa RITM. well, for me, i am okay with SAGIP. 🙂

  6. I have yet to get my baseline because I was diagnosed just last December 2010 and I can’t find time to go to RITM because of my busy schedule. Some of the people I met in YAFA told me that RITM is the treatment hub to go to. It goes like this, RITM is the university, San Lazaro is the college and PGH is the school. Well I guess because PGH is relatively new compared to the other 2.

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