Vitamin E with Selenium

I was advised by Trese to take Vitamin E with Selenium instead of Myra E… so last Sunday, I went to Mercury Drug and bought a month’s supply of it. I also researched about it and here is what I found out:

Facts About Selenium

In order to understand the benefits of selenium, it is important to first understand the facts about selenium.

Selenium is a trace element found in soil, and is required in small amounts to maintain good health. It is essential for many body processes and is present in nearly every cell but especially in the kidneys, liver, spleen, testes, and pancreas.

Selenium acts as an antioxidant against free radicals that damage
our DNA. It is often included with Vitamins C and E to help fight against cancer, heart disease and even aging. It has also been used to fight viral infections and may even slow the progression of AIDS/HIV. Selenium also contributes to good health by promoting normal liver function.

Other benefits of selenium include the protection against heart disease, the protection against toxic minerals, and the neutralisation of alcohol, smoke, and fats. It can help to increase male potency and it also involved in the maintenance of hair, skin and eyes.

Remain In Good Health with the Benefits Of Selenium

Selenium may be useful in preventing cataracts and muscular degeneration, the leading causes of impaired vision or blindness in older Americans. It is also vital for converting thyroid hormone, which is needed for the proper functioning of every cell in the body, from a less active form (called T4) to its active form (known as T3). In addition, selenium is essential for a healthy immune system, assisting the body in defending itself against harmful bacteria and viruses, as well as cancer cells. Its immune-boosting effects may play a role in fighting the herpes virus that is responsible for cold sores and shingles, and it is also being studied for possible effectiveness against HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

When combined with vitamin E, selenium appears to have some anti-inflammatory benefits as well. These two nutrients may improve chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus, and eczema.



2 Responses to “Vitamin E with Selenium”

  1. hi there…

    how much did it cost you for a bottle? is the picture the same brand you’ll find in mercury drugs? Can you combine it with vit C as well?


    • Hi Maccoy,

      one bottle (30 pcs) I think is around 300-400 PHP. Di ko na kasi maalala, hehe.

      Nope, I just found that picture in the internet. I think there is only 1 brand of vitamin e with selenium in mercury drug. Since when I bought this, I just told the pharmacist “vitamin e with selenium”.

      Yup, I combine it with Vit C and Multivitamins…=)

      hope this helps!

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