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Petition to Replenish Global Fund – repost from “moving on from 46479”

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if you are taking advantage of the free ARVs in the philippines or would like to take advantage of it when your CD4 falls below 500, then we need your help.

the world leaders are meeting up in new york, usa on oct 4-5, 2010 to announce their financial contributions to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria for the next three years.

in order to maintain, accelerate and effectively implement its programs, Global Fund needs usd20 billion.

we need to ensure that the world leaders uphold their promises to provide treatment and care to the millions living with and/or affected by HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. let them know that we are watching them. let us demand that they commit the usd20 billion needed by Global Fund.

show them that we care for the millions who will die without the Global Fund programs. do this by following the link and signing the petition.

please send it to your friends, families, colleagues and networks and encourage them to sign up too.

500,000 signatures are need by thursday, sept 30, 2010!

the petition will be delivered to world leaders at the Replenishment Meeting, and is one of a number of actions that will be occurring around the world in the lead up to the meeting.

for more information on how your participation will make a difference, go to


The Lazarus Effect

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This movie/documentary from HBO is described in wiki as…

The Lazarus Effect is a 2010 documentary film about the positive impact of antiretroviral drugs on HIV/AIDS patients in Africa. It was directed by Lance Bangs, and executive produced by Spike Jonze. The film is produced by (RED) and HBO.[1]

The 30-minute film tracks several people who were seriously ill but return to a healthier condition in a relatively short period of time after starting antiretroviral drug therapy.

The film has been reviewed by critic Noel Murray of A.V. Club saying that the film is a “straight-up advocacy doc, designed to get anyone who watches it to open their wallets. And it’s remarkably effective at that.”

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