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Posted in etc, Personal, pozzie life, thoughts with tags , , , , , on September 15, 2010 by iamhivpositive

I clicked add new entry without anything in mind to write. Honestly, I feel like my HIV life is starting to get a little bit boring. Actually, looking back, the last 4-5 years of my life is actually boring… until I found out I am HIV positive.

Let me update you on what is happening in my boring pozzie life…

1. I wake up early and watch TV
2. I go to work and sometimes get stressed
3. I go home and watch TV again until I fall asleep

1. I wake up early and watch TV
2. Watch some more TV
3. Eat Lunch
4. Yoga for Life – only on Saturdays
5. Go home
6. Eat Dinner
7. Watch TV
8. Sleep

No wonder why I’m starting to get bored… Only Saturday excites me because of Yoga for Life… attending Yoga for Life means, more relaxation and stronger immune system and lately, means seeing my crush. Yes, you read it right… hehehe.

So as you can see, your not missing too much about me as there is nothing I’ve been up to lately… oh I remember, I already visited my dentist a few weekends back and still, I didn’t have my tooth extracted… I was… scared… lol. But besides that, your up to date!

Till next time!



Posted in etc, Personal, pozzie life with tags , , , , on July 25, 2010 by iamhivpositive

I woke up to a bright and sunny morning… until the clouds started to get darker and it started to rain…. I shivered. It’s getting cold. It is still raining outside as I am writing this entry…

What are you doing right now? Or maybe what do you do whenever it’s raining? For sure, most of you would say that you would just like to stay at home and rest… it’s a bed weather after all…. =)

Me? Hmmm… I have this crazy imagination whenever it’s raining that I am driving a car, strolling in the metro… watching kids play in the rain while drinking coffee… ehehe. Yun nga lang, I don’t have a car! hahaha… yoko naman, mgtaxi at magjeep… hahahaha.

Speaking of playing in the rain, I can’t remember when was the last time I did it. Wala lang… it’s just that I’m scared to get wet with the rain now… I dont want to get sick… even the slightest fever… I just can’t afford to be sick with my condition…

It’s also nice to eat bulalo or any hot soup when it’s raining diba? Eat champorado with tuyo! yum… haaay… I think the rain makes me crazy… makes me hallucinate… hahaha….

But in reality….I’m really bored right now and I just spent the whole day in my bed cuddlin with my pillow. The rainy season makes me wish I have a partner. lol.

But overall, what I really like about the rain is that it makes me calm… it makes me feel peace… inner peace… I feel silence… I feel comfort…

How does the rain make you feel?