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Tooth Story 2

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The day has finally come.  I decided to finally conquer my fear and face my dentist.  Besides the fact that I really need my teeth to be cleaned, I am also already itching to change the rubbers in brackets as it has been almost 3 months since the last time they changed it when it is supposed to be changed monthly.  Eeew? I know!

I remembered that my dentist scheduled me for a tooth extraction for my next visit and so If I’m going, it means that I’m going to have it now.  Gosh! My blood started rushing… yes, I was nervous.  Ever since I was young, I never went to a dentist to have my tooth extracted, I always just wait for it to fall off. hahaha.

My mom invited me for an early lunch and I decided to go with her first.  Yes, a free meal will really help before I start my soft diet adventure once again.   She asked me where would I like to eat and I ushered her to a restaurant where they serve unlimited rice.  Hell yes, I need unlimited rice!  I need to be full tanked before they adjust my brackets and just eat soup for 3 days.  I can’t afford to be like that when at the same time I’m taking my supplements which boosts my appetite.

After my free lunch with mum, I took a cab and when to my dentist’s clinic.  I arrived at 1145am, yes!  I arrived early means less waiting.  But when I got in the patients waiting area, my killer smile vanished.  There were like more than 20 patients before me! OMG!

After almost 2 hours of waiting, my name was called.  During those 2 hours, my heart did not stop in pounding so fast and I think the beating trebled as I approach my dentist.  My dentist smiled and asked me if I am ready for the extraction.  I just smiled.  I guess she noticed my nervousness that’s why she placed her hand where my heart is and smiled.

dentist: naku, di pwede yang ganyan…

JunJun: kinakabahan po ako e….

dentist: well, kailangan matangal na natin yan para sa next adjustment mo, mas madaling makakapwesto ung teeth mo sa harap…

JunJun: (smiled)

dentist: oh well, balik ka na lang next week for the extraction basta kailangan before your next adjustment wala na yan… alright? laksan mo lang ang loob mo, at ihanda mo yung sarili mo…

JunJun: opo… (relieved)

dentist: so for now, cleaning na lang muna tayo pero ill add rubbers that will pull your teeth backwards para maalign sa nasa baba…

The procedure was finished in no time and now, I’m still adjusting to the rubber pulling my upper teeth backwards… it’s quite painful actually… =)

Tooth Story

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Late last year…

My birthday is fast approaching and I am thinking of what is the best birthday present that I could give to myself… I was thinking of getting braces to fix my teeth since my 2 front teeth are quite big and is slightly protruding thus it’s a minus to my pogi points, lol, buy a new gadget… maybe the latest mobile phone or a laptop… or just save the money in the bank for emergency purposes.

Since I was having a hard time figuring out what to do, I posted a shout in facebook asking for help.  And there were a few replies.  One of them is from one of my… and she told me that she knows where I can get braces that are on installment plans.  I got excited since I can hit 2 birds in one stone with her idea.  I can get braces and I can save money in the bank! yehey!

To cut the story short, that weekend, I went to the dental clinic, had my check up and they immediately attached the brackets.  I find it unusual since as fas as I know, they need to extract everything that needs to be extracted first before they attach the braces.  Anyways, I went home that weekend with wires on my teeth.  hehehe.  The dentist just advised me to have a monthly check up for cleaning and adjustments also for further treatment.

Fast forward, June 2010.

The day of the month where I have to visit my dentist to have my brackets adjusted is approaching fast.  I’m already feeling guilty since last month, I skipped the monthly check up because I am scheduled for tooth extraction.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not scared of the extraction part, alright, maybe a bit.  But the real reason why I’m delaying the tooth extraction is because I know that there will be blood involve.   My dentist doesn’t know that I am positive for HIV since my doctor told me that  I don’t have to tell them.  I’m not sure yet if shared dental equipments can be a possible way of transmitting HIV.  So I’m a bit scared since I don’t want any other patient to contract the virus because of me….  I’m thinking of going to another dentist and having my brackets remove… but I’m still not sure…