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If there is one thing that I would really love to do but can’t, besides going back to school, it will have to be traveling. Believe it or not, I haven’t been anywhere outside Metro Manila ever since I was in High School? Except of course when we have team buildings in Pansol, Laguna or in Puerto Galera, but whenever we have that, it’s still more of work and less of relaxation. I would want to just travel and just relax… or just have some personal time to think and reflect…

A friend from Canada who just arrived here in the Philippines went to the office and told me that she is planning to go to Boracay. She saw an ad in the internet and is recruiting some more people to join her so that they can avail of the very affordable promo rate. I got excited, I’ve never been to Boracay myself and would want to go there for a holiday! I told her I’m in and she asked me to recruit 2 more since we need to be 4 in the group to avail the package. I did not waste my time and immediately asked some friends and even on Facebook. In just a matter of 2 hours, we’re complete!

Next day, there was a message in my facebook inbox from my friend that she found a better offer, same rate but instead of going to the crowded and busy Boracay, it’s going to be the jaw dropping and relaxing Coron, Palawan. (sorry bout the adjectives, lol) The reason why I said yes to her when she offered this trip to me was because of the destination. I really wanted to go to Boracay… after all, I heard a lot of stories meeting their soul mates in that lovely place. After a little bit of convincing and showing me of the breath taking pictures in Coron, I agreed. It’s a deal and we are leaving by the end of the year…

I’m happy that somehow I already made a start with my plan of traveling. Coron, is a good 1st destination and I just have to make sure that I’ll bring a camera, sun block and enjoy! Hopefully next year I could do this again… no, I will definitely do this again! Who knows I might even go outside of the country since I have been out of the country yet… =)

I think it would really be nice to see other places… beautiful places, meet people, experience other culture and also rediscover myself… so that before I finally close my eyes, I will be filled with beautiful picturesque images of the places I’ve gone to and memories… I won’t let what’s in me to stop me from traveling and experiencing everything that is out there… I’m ready to pack my bags and start moving….

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Dear September,

I don’t know what’s with you this year that almost every night I feel alone and empty… Since you came, I started looking for a hug when I get home from someone I love….an arms to embrace me every night while I’m sleeping… and a face that I will see dreaming whenever I open my eyes in the morning… you make me feel sooo single… and in a sad way…

I’m not in a rush to look for someone new… It’s not very long ago when someone did this with me… to me… and although it would be nice to feel that same wonderful feeling, this time I’m taking it real slow… not just because I’m being careful not to get hurt but also because I’m in a different situation now… yes, I have an extra baggage that I don’t know if anyone will be able to accept it… accept me wholeheartedly…

The rain adds to my loneliness… it makes the mood more blue… makes me wish that someone is with me under the blankets cuddling whilst sipping coffee or watching tv… why do you make feel this way September?

Every night as I close my eyes in the middle of emptiness… I’m hoping that someone would wake me up… Can you just wake me up when September ends?


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I clicked add new entry without anything in mind to write. Honestly, I feel like my HIV life is starting to get a little bit boring. Actually, looking back, the last 4-5 years of my life is actually boring… until I found out I am HIV positive.

Let me update you on what is happening in my boring pozzie life…

1. I wake up early and watch TV
2. I go to work and sometimes get stressed
3. I go home and watch TV again until I fall asleep

1. I wake up early and watch TV
2. Watch some more TV
3. Eat Lunch
4. Yoga for Life – only on Saturdays
5. Go home
6. Eat Dinner
7. Watch TV
8. Sleep

No wonder why I’m starting to get bored… Only Saturday excites me because of Yoga for Life… attending Yoga for Life means, more relaxation and stronger immune system and lately, means seeing my crush. Yes, you read it right… hehehe.

So as you can see, your not missing too much about me as there is nothing I’ve been up to lately… oh I remember, I already visited my dentist a few weekends back and still, I didn’t have my tooth extracted… I was… scared… lol. But besides that, your up to date!

Till next time!


Glee Theme Song

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So this morning as I was surfing the net, I decided to log in to facebook. Nowadays, I mean, who doesn’t? hehe. Anyways, since I am an avid fan of the US musical series, GLEE, (again, who isn’t?) I liked their fan page. I was directed to a link that says “find out the glee theme song of your life!” so since I don’t have anything to do, I tried it.

In the homepage, I was asked if I want to find it out on my own or if I want Sue Sylvester to find it out for me since she is always right anyways. However, I want to find it out on my own so I took the quiz. I ended up picking the “Lady is a Tramp” by Puck. errrmm… I wasn’t satisfied though I like puck. Isn’t he just hot? hehe.

Out of curiosity, I went back to the homepage and tried what Sue will pick for me… of course, I know that it’s not really Sue who will pick it, but hey, why don’t I give it a try… I’m bored anyways…

So anyways, here is the song that Sue picked for me…

I guess…That’s how Sue C’s it!

Catch Up!

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You must be wondering how I was this past few days as I have not been updating any entries lately… Well, let me update you…

First, I’m in heat.  Yes, I’m horny.  It’s just 2 weeks ago when I started feeling it again.  I don’t feel satisfied with my hand anymore. lol.

I remember a conversation that I had with GM.  I told him that I am confident that I can just be satisfied with my hand.  I was planning to DIY it for a very long time as I am scared to have a physical contact with someone.  But I think I’m going to eat my words… I don’t think I can still hold it for any longer. 

I am nervous. 

2 of my officemates resigned from our office and so their positions are being opened to us, their juniors.  I am the most tenured in our group so I think I am expected to apply, actually, I want to apply.  However, as the interview and the presentation comes closer, I feel more nervous.  What if I don’t get the post?  Oh my, I think I will cry for 3 days and go to work with a cover in my face.  I think that will be quite shameful since I am considered to be the most experienced one… I think. lol.

I moved on.

It has been 3 months already, since babe and I broke up.  Meaning, we are free to date again since we already gotten through the “3 month break up rule”.  Well, I haven’t heard anything from him lately and vice versa.  I think we both know that we both need space from each other.  I just really hope that he is happy.

I am… inspired?

Someone is making me smile this past few days.  Not because he is telling me jokes but because he makes my heart wiggle. lol.  I don’t want to assume anything and I don’t want to rush things so I am enjoying everything.  Besides, it will still be 2 years from now before we see each other.  Yes, you read it right, I only know/seen him through pictures.  But it’s not a big deal, I think I can wait. So, if you read this, let wait ah? hehehe. 

That’s it for now… I’ll be updating you again soon…