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Last Saturday’s yoga session, for me, was really rejuvenating!  Yes, it was.

I arrived in the venue just in time before the class started, I was only at home for the whole day so I feel really up and perky to attend yoga class today.  I need some stretching. heheh.

A girl welcomed me in the venue, it was my first time to see her there.  She was slender, nice skin, bit tan… she looks pleasant… she looks very accomodating and nice… maybe this is Mr. Yogi’s partner instructor, so let’s call her Ms. Yogini.  She introduced herself and I also introduced myself.  She went inside the room and so was I after removing my shoes.  There were a few people inside the room already, some were changing to their yoga clothes and some were stretching. 

Mr. Yogi saw me and gave me a tight hug.  That felt nice, I really love hugging and for me it is a really nice gesture.  I immediately changed my clothes and sat in the matt.  I tried stretching for a little bit though I was a bit concious since I’m not really a pro in yoga. hehe.

“Doc” went to my matt and sat with me then told me stories about the last yoga session that they had, as you know I only attend the Saturday sesssion since I’m still in the office whenever they start yoga in Ortigas.  I really like it when he comes and sit with me in my matt… and slowly, one by one, mr. yogi and b.i.t.c.h also went to my matt, sat with us and exchanged stories.  It’s like my matt is always the hang out matt, and I like it. hehehe.

After a few more minutes, everyone went back to their matts and the session started.  Ms. yogi started the session by sharing something to us, something about what we are about to do, it is something about non violence.  Then followed by the breathing excercise and the poses.  I was really sweating as in OA sweating all through out the session.   Maybe because I was really concentrated and focused.  I really need this… I told myself and so I did my best to be perfect at it, if not atleast almost perfect.

This session really has gotten into me, I really felt every pain was worth it.  Every stretch was as if I am reaching for my happiness.  Every drop of sweat was like every pain and worries that I was slowly letting go…

I am really happy that I attended this last week’s session, not that I didn’t like the other that I attended in the past but this one really made me feel different, made me more one with my soul, made me more stronger physically….

I am definitely looking forward to the next session… I will give the same enthusiasm, focus and concentration like what I did the last time… now, that I experienced it myself why it is called YOGA FOR LIFE…


Just Dance!

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I turned on the lights of the empty room.  Plugged in the player that I have and attached it to the speakers.  I pressed play and the music started to fill the room.  I hurried to go in to the centre of the spotlight and faced the mirror.  I was wearing a white sando with black jogging pants.  I prepared myself to surrender.

As the beat and rhythm circulates the small squared room I can feel it entering my body… as if it’s a part of it… slowly being one with the blood through my veins… wants to reach every part of my body…

asking me to move… and I obeyed.

The music was slow and so was my movement… As it reach the middle part, it started to get fast and so was I…  I am starting to sweat… my heart is with me… making me move more… making me dance more….  and in this moment, I gave it my all….

The lights turned off and I stood still.  I closed my eyes and opened it again.  It was a dream.  A dream the felt so real.

I realised, it has been a very very long time since the last time I danced.  Dancing is my religion before.  I am not the best dancer but I can say I’m a good one.  One that puts his heart and soul into every move and step he is making.  I’m wondering if I can still the dance the way I used to before… when I was a lot younger.  When I was still healthy.

I smiled.

I remembered the first time I ever danced… I was still grade 3 then… “Get Down – Backstreet Boys…” it was our field day… funny.

I smiled again.

I need more practice to be able to dance again.  A lot more of practice.  It’s just now, there is no time to practice… no reason to dance… and so I started wondering… when will I ever wear my dancing shoes again… hmmmm….