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I’ll take care of you

Posted in lovelife with tags , , , , on May 17, 2010 by iamhivpositive

I already decided.  I will tell him.  If I want to have a relationship with this person, I have to be honest to him.  Now, if he doesn’t want to accept me because of what I have then maybe he is not the right one for me.

I asked him to meet me up for a snack through text and he said yes.  I  know it’s quite early to tell him the truth but we went out quite a couple of times already and I really feel that he can be trusted.   My whole body was shaking as I go to our meeting place.  I was still having second thoughts, should I really tell him?  What if this will ruin everything?  He’ll hate me!  But the feeling of wanting him as my partner pushed me to be honest and made me more courageous to tell him the truth, that I have HPV.

After waiting for 5 minutes, he arrived with his very sweet smile.  I can still remember how that smile washed away all my worries but made me scared at the same time…. that it might be the last time for me to see that smile.  We started ordering and we chatted for a bit.  After eating, I took a few deep breaths and I told him everything.  He was listening very intently and I can see that he was surprised.  He became red but after a while, he smiled.  He said that he appreciates my honesty and my courage to tell him the truth.  He also said that he was very thankful that I told him early than he finds it out himself.  He held my hand and assured me that his liking towards me didn’t change… in fact he said, “I’ll take care of you..”