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February 27, 2010

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The day I’ve been waiting for has finally come.  It was February 27, 2010.  The day of my operation.  Finally, the warts will be removed… again.  But I know this time, it’s gonna take quite sometime before it comes back.

I’m getting impatient, my boyfriend arrived early in the morning but also has to go out to buy something for my operation.  Yes, he was the one who stayed with me in the hospital for 3 days.  My family didn’t know that I have genital warts.  I told them I have protruding hemorrhoids and they believed it.  (We are not the typical Filipino family who looks after the other, we go on our own separate ways and not meddle with each others affair)  Until nearly before lunch time, he arrived looking very very tired.

My boyfriend was with me starting day 1 until the operation.  He makes sure to visit and take care of everything even though he still has to go on duty that night as well.  I pitied him.  I felt very sorry because I am his boyfriend.  He deserve someone better.  Yes, I am “self-pitying”.   I told myself that day that if he decides to go and look for someone else, I would understand.  I should.  I must.

The nurse came in and prep me for the operation.  It was lunch time.  After the nurse injected me with something, my sight became very blurry and I felt really sleepy.  I remembered my boyfriend telling me that he is just gonna go home quick to change and assured me that he is beside me as I open my eyes again.  The nurse then pushed the stretcher inside the operation room and the last thing I remembered was they asked me to do a fetal position….