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6 Months after

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At the start of November, I started waiting for a text from the SAGIP clinic of PGH. It has been six months already and it’s the time for my next CD4 test. 2 weeks have passed and still no text from my doctor or from the nurse so I decided to call them. Once I was put through to the clinic, the nurse told me that there are no available slots yet and they’ll just text me if there is a slot already. She asked for my number to double check if what they have on their chart is correct.

I sighed. I’m getting disappointed with how they are handling us their patients. But I tried to look at the bigger picture, it would really be difficult for them to schedule us since we are just sharing the machine from other “schools” (treatment hubs). And so I waited for another week until I can’t help myself and again gave them a ring.

The nurse told me that there is still no available slot for the CD4 test and that they are prioritizing the “baseliners” (first timers in taking their CD4 test). I felt… unimportant? So does that mean that since I am a second timer I should not be prioritized? My health is also at stake right?

She then asked me if I am willing to go RITM since there is more chance of me getting a schedule there. Even though that RITM is quite far from where I live, I said yes. I would rather travel far than wait for a schedule from SLH. It might be too late already before I get a schedule. And so after 2 days, I received a text message from the nurse telling me that I was scheduled Tuesday before 9am next week.

I woke up really early that day because I don’t want to be late. A friend asked me if I want to hitch a ride since he is also going to RITM that day. Lucky me considering all the trouble that I will be facing if ever I go there alone. I haven’t been to Alabang yet and I’m quite slow with directions. Hehehe.

We arrived early in RITM and so we decided to stay in the cafeteria first. The first thing I noticed about RITM is that it is isolated. It’s the only building, I think, in that area of Alabang. It was very quiet and there were a lot of trees that will give you a very calm feeling.

My friend went ahead and guided me to the clinic. He was greeted by the nurse I’ve been reading and hearing a lot, ate Anna. Her warm smile could really make you comfortable and homey. She asked me if I was with my friend and I said yes, she then asked me to sit beside her and got my recommendation letter. While she was reading the letter, she kept on telling me that life goes on… and I smiled.

Once again, my friend ushered me to the laboratory where they will have my blood extracted. The nurse who’s going to facilitate was quite young and I can tell that she is still a student. I smiled at her and told her not to make it hurtful. She smiled back. As expected, she had a hard time in extracting my blood since my veins easily pops (pumuputok) or as they say, “sumasayaw”. After roughly 15 minutes, I was on my way back to the clinic. I was happy that at last, I am done with my CD4 test all I need to worry now is just the result.

Wanna know my latest CD4 count….? From 759 6 months ago…. It’s now…. 795!!!!
Yehey!!!! I though that my CD4 is going to drop since I am not taking ARVs. But I was wrong, thanks to Centrum, Vit. E with Selenium, Poten Cee and most of all YOGA for boosting my CD4 up!


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One time when I was trying to spread awareness online, I logged in to MIRC.  I posted messages inviting them to have themselves tested for HIV and also to visit my blog.  My ad goes, “<<<———- …. have you already been tested for HIV? take the test now!” and there from a normal hit of 4-10 a day, that day, it reached 257! whoa! And I’m really glad about the response I’m getting.  There were also people who IM’s me and tells me that what I’m doing is a very brave act, that they salute me for spreading awareness online and it really flatters me.

There were quite a number of people who messaged me and inquired about how to know if you have HIV, where can they get tested, what is life after finding out being a pozzie, how much is HIV testing or is it for free and etc…Then one “chatter” really got my attention.  At first he asked which treatment hub I was enrolled in.  I told him I am being treated in the SAGIP clinic of PGH.  He then said that he is a nurse and is a volunteer in RITM.  He was trying to convince me to transfer to RITM since the treatment process and the staff is better according to him.  It got me thinking.  How is it different, I mean, in all fairness to Nurse A and Dr. D, despite their very late reply with my texts they are all nice and very pleasant.  He continued telling me stories about RITM, that it doesn’t give you a “hospital feeling” but more of a homey feeling… like your with your family.

After our conversation, I can’t help but think if I am in the right treatment hub.  Most of my pozzie friends and the pozzie bloggers are all enrolled to RITM.  And every time I read their posts about their visit to RITM, it always seems like it is a wonderful trip… I’m really curious now…  but if I will transfer, what would Dr. D feel?  I don’t even know how to go to RITM… I don’t know if it is even possible to transfer since I already said that I want my treatment to be in PGH when Dr. D asked me the first time… haaay…

What do you think?