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Tooth Story 2

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The day has finally come.  I decided to finally conquer my fear and face my dentist.  Besides the fact that I really need my teeth to be cleaned, I am also already itching to change the rubbers in brackets as it has been almost 3 months since the last time they changed it when it is supposed to be changed monthly.  Eeew? I know!

I remembered that my dentist scheduled me for a tooth extraction for my next visit and so If I’m going, it means that I’m going to have it now.  Gosh! My blood started rushing… yes, I was nervous.  Ever since I was young, I never went to a dentist to have my tooth extracted, I always just wait for it to fall off. hahaha.

My mom invited me for an early lunch and I decided to go with her first.  Yes, a free meal will really help before I start my soft diet adventure once again.   She asked me where would I like to eat and I ushered her to a restaurant where they serve unlimited rice.  Hell yes, I need unlimited rice!  I need to be full tanked before they adjust my brackets and just eat soup for 3 days.  I can’t afford to be like that when at the same time I’m taking my supplements which boosts my appetite.

After my free lunch with mum, I took a cab and when to my dentist’s clinic.  I arrived at 1145am, yes!  I arrived early means less waiting.  But when I got in the patients waiting area, my killer smile vanished.  There were like more than 20 patients before me! OMG!

After almost 2 hours of waiting, my name was called.  During those 2 hours, my heart did not stop in pounding so fast and I think the beating trebled as I approach my dentist.  My dentist smiled and asked me if I am ready for the extraction.  I just smiled.  I guess she noticed my nervousness that’s why she placed her hand where my heart is and smiled.

dentist: naku, di pwede yang ganyan…

JunJun: kinakabahan po ako e….

dentist: well, kailangan matangal na natin yan para sa next adjustment mo, mas madaling makakapwesto ung teeth mo sa harap…

JunJun: (smiled)

dentist: oh well, balik ka na lang next week for the extraction basta kailangan before your next adjustment wala na yan… alright? laksan mo lang ang loob mo, at ihanda mo yung sarili mo…

JunJun: opo… (relieved)

dentist: so for now, cleaning na lang muna tayo pero ill add rubbers that will pull your teeth backwards para maalign sa nasa baba…

The procedure was finished in no time and now, I’m still adjusting to the rubber pulling my upper teeth backwards… it’s quite painful actually… =)


Home Sweet Home

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A guy wearing white uniform,  sitting in a chair beside me was the first image I saw after opening my eyes… I feel dizzy.  The guy looked at me and smiled and told me that dinner is ready.  He was my boyfriend.  Hearing the word dinner made my stomach crumble…  I’m starving.  It feels like I haven’t eaten for the longest time.  My boyfriend adjusted the hospital bed so that I can position myself and eat.

After eating, a doctor came in and asked me to sign something.  It was a notice of consent for them to conduct the HIV screening.  Without any hesitation, I signed it.  That time, all I wanted is just for everything to be checked so I don’t have to worry anymore.   After signing the paper, they took 2 vials of blood from me and told me that they are just going to inform me about the result.

The doctor allowed me to already go home the next day.  We just waited for a few hours for our bill and after settling it, my boyfriend and I went home.  I felt relieved once we arrived at home.  At last, the fight  is over.

February 27, 2010

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The day I’ve been waiting for has finally come.  It was February 27, 2010.  The day of my operation.  Finally, the warts will be removed… again.  But I know this time, it’s gonna take quite sometime before it comes back.

I’m getting impatient, my boyfriend arrived early in the morning but also has to go out to buy something for my operation.  Yes, he was the one who stayed with me in the hospital for 3 days.  My family didn’t know that I have genital warts.  I told them I have protruding hemorrhoids and they believed it.  (We are not the typical Filipino family who looks after the other, we go on our own separate ways and not meddle with each others affair)  Until nearly before lunch time, he arrived looking very very tired.

My boyfriend was with me starting day 1 until the operation.  He makes sure to visit and take care of everything even though he still has to go on duty that night as well.  I pitied him.  I felt very sorry because I am his boyfriend.  He deserve someone better.  Yes, I am “self-pitying”.   I told myself that day that if he decides to go and look for someone else, I would understand.  I should.  I must.

The nurse came in and prep me for the operation.  It was lunch time.  After the nurse injected me with something, my sight became very blurry and I felt really sleepy.  I remembered my boyfriend telling me that he is just gonna go home quick to change and assured me that he is beside me as I open my eyes again.  The nurse then pushed the stretcher inside the operation room and the last thing I remembered was they asked me to do a fetal position….

My Christmas present…

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It was Christmas time and everyone was just soo warm and happy… There was not much in our small table but I can say it was enough to satisfy 3 people; anyways it was my mum, my youngest brother and I at home.  I was able to eat a lot that my tummy started to react and made me visit the loo and that is where I received the most unpleasant Christmas gift ever…

The warts are back.  I felt it while washing.  I was just so surprised that I ended up crying.  I don’t know what to do, the doctor told me that if ever that it is gonna come back, most likely it would be in 2 months time.  And he assured me that everything was removed and that it will not come back.  I was lost and scared.  There were a lot of questions in my mind, but I told myself that I need to be calm and find a solution.

It was already January when I was able to go to a doctor (a different one this time) and have myself checked.  He said that not all was removed that is why the warts were back but there is also a possibility that the viral load of my HPV is too strong that it was able to regenerate it 2-3 weeks time after my surgery.  The doctor said that another operation must be done to remove it.  He also advised me to undergo HIV screening as this might be another reason why the warts are back.

The thought of undergoing the HIV screening didn’t really scared me that time.  It was the money that I need to come up with again made me really sweaty.  I asked for advice from other people, my officemates to be specific, and they told me that I should ask for a second opinion, and so I did.

My boyfriend that time is a medical student and he was able to help set up an appointment to their dean who is luckily, the head of the Colorectal Surgery Department of that hospital.  I felt like a VIP as I was prioritized.  The doctor gave me the same advice, that I needed to undergo another surgery and that I need to undergo different lab tests.  He immediately scheduled me for the operation and said that I need not to worry about the fees as the hospital is public anyways.  My boyfriend also reassured me that he will be in every step of the way. I felt very strong as I know I have the support that I needed…