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Posted in Coron, Personal, pozzie life with tags , , on December 28, 2010 by iamhivpositive

I told you before that since I found out about my status, I told myself that I have to travel and see other places besides the polluted Manila. So, I decided to go to the beautiful Island of Palawan, in Coron to be specific…and here are some of the pictures that I took… =)



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It has been a week since I was hospitalised and still I haven’t heard anything from my doctor regarding the HIV screening that I had… I’m already worried, could this mean I’m positive that’s why it’s taking them so long to inform me or give me my result?

Luckily, that weekend our department in the office has a scheduled team building somewhere in the south.  I felt that this is a good timing after all of the things that I’ve been through this week, it will also keep my mind off thinking about the result.  I had fun.  I really enjoyed our team building but there are minutes wherein I ask myself, what if it’s positive?  What will I do?

After 3 days of happiness, we went back to reality.  Even though I’m busy in the office, I can’t help myself from thinking about what the result will be.  Yes, I admit that there are risks that can make me assume that I am positive but the nurse also told me in the hospital that all of the other STD screenings that they did to me turn out all to be negative so there’s a big chance of me being non-reactive.

After a few more days, my boyfriend texted me informing me that the nurse in the IDS (Infectious Disease Section) clinic is asking me to drop by their clinic the next day for the result.  This is the moment I’ve been waiting for…  I prepared myself, mentally and emotionally whatever the result may be.  I filed a leave from work so that I can have the whole day for myself when I receive the result.

I went to the clinic early the next day.  I was very eager to know the result.  My boyfriend picked me up in a nearby fast food and accompanied me to the clinic… we waited for almost an hour before the nurse called my name… then my heart started to pound so loud….